New Home or New Offices? How to start the décor process……

Looking for ideas on how to start with the Décor for a room, a new home or even an office, begin with the Window treatments, this will inspire the rest of your new décor.

Decorating your home can be exciting it can be quite scary as how to begin, where to begin and what window treatment to use.

And significant design element and a focal part of any room. Therefore the window coverings can set the tone and influence the overall feel.

When decorating a home consider your home’s design theme. Is it traditional or modern, country or coastal? Choose one primary decorating style to inspire your design choices.

Once you have identified a personal style, select a colour palette. Now is the time to decide whether you prefer a warmer tone or a cooler tone, neutral or bold colours. Choose main colours and accent colours that work well together and can be used throughout the entire home.

Sticking to a colour scheme makes decisions easier and creates a seamless style from one room to another.

When it comes to paint colours, most professional designers recommend neutral colours to prevent stark transitions. Then, add colours with window coverings, a statement wall, furniture pieces and other accessories. Use different shades from your choose palette to add interest and keep it from feeling expected or boring.

Lastly, remember that decorating a new home takes time. Start with the more significant elements and work down to the minor details. Layer each room over time to achieve the right balance, feel and function.